Xmas Tree TLC


Should I water the Tree?
Place it in a water filled stand. Give it a drink of water every day. Please note it is pointless giving the tree water unless you have trimmed the base to let it drink.

My tree looks droopy and dead. Why?

If you fail to follow the recommended steps your tree will deteriorate because of excess heat and too little to drink.

Should I cut the stem?
It is essential to cut 2.5cm from the base of the stem before placing the tree in water and bringing indoors.

When should I bring my tree indoors?
To give maximum satisfaction over the 12 days of Christmas, ideally your tree should be brought in as late as possible. The earlier you bring in the tree, the earlier it will lose some of its freshness. You should still buy your tree early to ensure you get the tree you want but you should leave it outside sheltered from the wind until you are ready to put it in your living room.

What temperature should it be, to keep my tree fresh in the home?
Keep the temperature at or below 20ºC.

What should I do to keep my tree fresh in the home?
*        Cut the stem
*        Keep the tree in water
*        Treat it like fresh flowers
*        Give it a drink of water every day
*        Keep it away from direct heat
*        Keep temperature below 20C

Why should I buy my tree early if I only put it up just before Christmas?
There is a limited supply of Quality trees, you should buy early to ensure you get the size you are looking for. You can then store it outside until you are ready to set it up indoors.

Enjoy a real tree experience and a safe and happy Christmas!

Nollaig Shona


Candle in the window

It’s said that a house with a candle lighting on its window is a sign of welcome for Mary and Joseph.
The candle is supposed to be lit by the youngest child and the flame put out by a girl called Mary. Is this why the name Mary was so popular in the old days? It was also a sign that Priests were welcome to have mass in that house as masses were forbidden during Penal Times.

Traditionally, a candle was only lit in one window, but nowadays at Christmas, most houses have electric candles in all windows.

Festive decorations

Holly grows wild in Ireland so it a very common decoration in Irish house over Christmas.

A berry filled holly wreath on the front door is a very popular decoration and is a tradition passed down through the years when long ago poor people would use it to decorate their homes.

The nativity crib, tinsel, baubles, bows and lights both inside and outside are also used to decorate homes.

Decorating the Christmas tree

This was a Pagan custom, which represented the various lunar objects important to them like the sun, moon and stars. The tradition of giving gifts also came from the Pagan era and is a huge part of Christmas today.

Christmas trees are decorated with tinsel and twinkling fairy lights, and while some people put an angel on top of the tree, others prefer a star.

Nowadays in Ireland, Christmas trees and decorations go up as early as the first week of December. In Ireland, it is thought to be bad luck to take Christmas decorations down before the 6th January.

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