Did U Know That…

1. Real christmas trees retain their beauty and freshness for three weeks or more indoors if properly cared for.

2. Real christmas trees benefit the environment. They sequester carbon from the atmosphere, they provide cover for wildlife and they are replaced after christmas by replanting.

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Beautiful 15ft Plus Trees Now in Stock!

cropped 18ft

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Welcome to Irishxmastrees.com

Welcome to Irishxmastrees.com, Dublin and Irelands premier on-line Christmas tree sales site. We have an amazing selection of premium quality Noble Fir Christmas trees for you to choose. We have been selling Christmas trees directly to the public & private sector for 3 years with growing success & now we also provide a decoration service which we introduced in 2010, see the decor page for more info & see our client list for examples of happy customers.

Quality Christmas Trees

We supply premium quality Christmas trees directly to your home, office or business. Our Christmas trees are wrapped in strong netting to protect them on their journey to you.  All our Christmas trees are grown in the Wicklow mountains on a select specialised Christmas tree farm.  We have a range of sizes ranging from 4ft to 16ft, & we can provide taller trees up to 25ft by special request.

Please browse the pages here for more info.

We are taking orders now for Christmas 2011 in both trees & tree decor service & decorations, email karen@irishxmastrees.com or call 087-9754101.

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

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Order Online & Get Delivery Today!

We’re taking orders for online or by phone now to be delivered to your door any time any day this week! Email karen@irishxmastrees.com or call 087-9754101.

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Snow Update: Tree Market Open Fri 2 or Sat 3…

Snow Trees

snowtopped hillsDue to the current weather situation which on one gloved hand is beautiful but on the other not so good for business!  We are still hoping to open the xmas tree market in the Bernard Shaw this Friday, if not by Saturday 4th Dec.  Our stunning Noble Fir trees are still firmly planted on the picturesque snowy hills of Wicklow unable to be transported to Dublin as planned early this week, but we will be able to confirm the Market opening date later this week for this coming weekend.  We are still taking orders for deliveries over the coming weeks & any confirmed orders due for this week will be delivered as promised.

In the meantime, we suggest you cosy up & enjoy the snowfalls to come!

thanks Karen!

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